Revealed: new Bullingdon photos featuring high spirits, high society, and one very high-up politician...

VERSA has obtained access to never-before published photographs of the Bullingdon Club – starring David Cameron, the Duke of Norfolk, and many more high-fliers of British society. The photos are, as is traditional for the Club, posed in Christ Church – the more audacious in front of the library building which forms the fourth side of Peckwater Quad (complete with cigars and a case of Moët), and the more wary on the (somewhat less imposing) steps inside the Canterbury Gate. **N.B - This article was picked up by the Independent, the Economist, Guido Fawkes & Byline**

Versa | Senior UKIP official brands students "the great unwashed"

Tom Bursnall, a UKIP councillor in Windsor and member of the party’s National Executive Committee, has slammed student activists – and UKIP’s press office supported the comments with disdain for any offence caused. After the proposal of a motion to no platform UKIP on campus at Essex’s Student Union, Bursnall described the students as “the great unwashed” and the “loony left“. Not labels a man who was selling his house for £1.795 million should be throwing around lightly. Mr. Bursnall defended

OUSU scrutiny report: the state of all the slates

Manifestos have been published, candidates have been photographed looking ‘friendly’, and a truly awful cover of a classic by VERSA’s favourite pop star has been created. True to form, we’ve collected all the juicy gossip about the slates to help you decide whom to shake off and who actually has some style (spoiler: very few). We begin with IOU – admittedly, a clever little pun designed to convince Oxford that they have some kind of design on making Oxford better, rather than on having somethin

Rhodes Must Fall bring the noise to Oriel Square

Over 150 students filled Oriel Square on Friday afternoon to campaign for the removal of the statue of Cecil Rhodes from the college. Protestors called for the immediate removal of the statue though doubts were raised as to how long getting planning permission to take down the statue would take. The protest passed without trouble; its focus was on making noise to draw attention to the demonstrators & their message. Some people, writing on the Facebook event for the protest,

From cupitalism to refugees: Open Oxford raises almost £1000 for charity

Last week Open Oxford made the national news for spending over £50 on a paper coffee cup used once by the prince of the left, His Beardiness Jeremy Corbyn. Members of the group, keen to expand their cup collection, raised a further £250 to buy sacred vessels from the 3 other Labour leadership candidates. Some people need to find better summer hobbies. New week, new target. This time the focus of Open Oxford’s fundraising was of a more serious tone. At the time of writing,  £850 has been raised

Oxford student sentenced to death

An Oxford postgrad student at the Blavatnik School of Government, Asem was a member of the defunct Freedom & Justice Party, the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood once led by ousted President Mohammed Morsi. Morsi was also sentenced to death, alongside Asem and 14 men who were members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The court ruled that she was complicit in espionage by cooperating with the Palestinian group Hamas. Asem was the international media coordinator for President Morsi’s office as w

CRAE Co-Chair criticised slammed for anti-Semitic tweet

This summer, political debate has often centred on anti-Semitism in the British left. Debate has been exacerbated following concerns about Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn’s connections to Holocaust denier Paul Eisen, and other alleged anti-Semites. Jewish groups have also been warning of an increasing atmosphere of anti-Semitism in the UK and across Europe as a whole. Oxford itself has seen some of the left accused of tolerating anti-Jewish sentiment, particularly on the Facebook group Skin Deep (now Race Matters).

's Guide to the student press: who to read and why

Aka VERSA’s nursery.  We were born from the crucible that is the propaganda wing of OUSU, with every Editor-in-Chief to date having served on OxStu’s staff at some point. Here’s hoping f̶u̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶d̶e̶f̶e̶c̶t̶o̶r̶s̶ current Editors David Barker and Laura Whetherly can too free themselves from OUSU’s shackles. Nominally has a huge circulation, but is most often found yellowing unread in JCRs. Perhaps nobody cares about a 1st year PPEist’s insights on Israel/Palestine after all. Why read? Becau

Oxford to paint the town pink in 2nd Week

With events at Freuds, G&D’s, Bridge and the Union, Oxford really is turning pink next week to try and raise money for Breast Cancer Care and two other breast cancer charities. Hopefully we can beat the Tabs at fundraising too… Following a successful launch at Cambridge in 2015, Pink Weeks have popped up on campuses around the country, all with the same goal, to try and help some of the 50,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer each year.  

It's not Corbyn's policies that scare me, it's his supporters

‘Veteran left wing MP’ has been the standard description of Labour’s new  leader on the Beeb today – usually alongside an analysis of Corbyn’s victory and chances between now and 2020. Headline policies have included opposition to welfare cuts, higher taxes on the rich and denationalisation of the railways. So far, so good. I actually agree with most of this. Foreign policy is a bit more worrying. Scrapping nukes? Debatable. Withdrawing from NATO & being mates with Putin, Iran or the late Hugo

We need student unions, but it's time to bin the NUS

Campaigning against Coke on Campus, the anti-Lib Dem ‘Liar Liar‘ campaign and feminist jazz hands replacing clapping are all NUS acts VERSA has made fun of and/or despaired at over the past year. In Oxford, we have seen students attack an overly-political OUSU for condemning the visit of Marine Le Pen and question the need for a fully-fledged OUSU general election manifesto. Bloody hell, most students don’t give a damn about the NUS or OUSU – except the engaged minority. Only 20% of us vote in O

How to get into festivals for free - and also save lives

Festivals are expensive. A ticket to a major festival will set you back over £200. That’s a fair chunk of your student loan that could go on over 60 bottles of Tesco Spanish wine (grape variety to be determined), instead to be spent on 5 days in the mud. Fortunately, there is another way… Stewarding festivals is a great way to get a free* ticket. Well, as free as 24 hours of your labour feels. Over the past three years I’ve stewarded at Reading, Leeds, and Glastonbury Festival for Oxfam, and I’

OULC back left-wing Jez for Labour leader

Record 5-time winner of the Parliamentary ‘Beard of the Year’ Award, anti-war and anti-austerity campaigner and darling of Labour’s leftmost wing, Jeremy Corbyn, squeezed onto the leadership ballot with just seconds to spare. Some OULC members were rather pleased with themselves, with one going as far to claim ‘It was the OULC wot won it’, as Oxford East MP Andrew Smith’s nomination pushed Corbyn over the threshold. Get over yourselves, you’ve not solved Israel-Palestine. Fortunately some OULC

OUSU divestment campaign succeeds, we're proud of them

Oh OUSU, we’re used to your grand proclamations on weighty issues. From the Middle East to Mexico, our student union is often at the forefront of global issues, fighting injustice and discrimination. Of course these motions, though noble, have little impact on the situations they discuss. This time it’s different, this time OUSU’s campaign to get Oxford University to divest from fossil fuels has made a difference. Well, not all fossil fuels, just coal and tar sands. Hey, it’s a start! In Michae

The sad reality of sexual assaults at Somerville: college crack down after more harassment in Hilary than last six years combined

The number of reported incidents of sexual harassment last term in Somerville was shockingly high, outnumbering the the past six years combined, according to minutes from an emergency JCR meeting. The news has come out after Alice Prochaska, Somerville’s Principal, emailed the entire undergraduate body of the college on Friday evening, condemning the deterioration of the ‘climate of respect’ within the college. In the email, she reminded JCR members of the college’s values of ‘fairness, diversi

Minor march in Oxford slightly annoys some residents

Ok, maybe we’re joking about that. There was still a march through Oxford city centre yesterday, apparently commemorating International Workers’ Day. Actually, that was on Friday, but we’ll leave them to it – they were only a day off, and their banners do take a long time to make. Indoctrination seemed to be the plat-du-jour: children led the march, with drums and unintelligible chanting. It probably wasn’t the nice day out they were hoping for. An observer remarked that “At least they’ll gain

Why Oxford Students Should Be Voting for Their UKIP Candidate in #GE2015...

What do these groups all have in common? That’s right – the UKIP candidate for the super-marginal Oxford West & Abingdon, Alan Harris, isn’t exactly keen on any of them… if we believe posts from his Facebook page dating back a couple of years, found by HOPE Not Hate. Unfortunately his page is now set to ‘private’, but we still have some screenshots to prove what he said. Though Oxford East covers most of central Oxford, the Oxford West & Abingdon constituency covers some big colleges: Worcester

Free Education - Misguided and Out of Touch

Free Education isn’t the real issue, at best it’s just a good slogan. I’ll start this with a confession, I went to the Free Education march. I wholeheartedly supported the movement. Since that march, I’ve been wondering what the point was. After Ed Miliband’s commitment to cut tuition fees and Oxford being labelled the most unaffordable place to live in Britain I realised what was wrong. Tuition fees essentially become a debt paid off in the future, one most of us will never pay off. Even if we

Even Godfrey Bloom is on Cuntry Living

UPDATE: GODFREY BLOOM HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED FROM CUNTRY LIVING BY THE ADMINS FOR CALLING ONE COMMENTER A ‘SILLY YOUNG LADY‘… WELL, IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. Mr Bloom made himself known to the group tonight in the below post, after VERSA alerted him to the group’s existence earlier today by informing him that he had been added to it. Upon asking him for comment, Mr Bloom promised he would “look forward to annoying them at every opportunity.”  It looks like Mr Bloom is a man of his word, weigh
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